This blog is a space for news and information pertaining to the UT-Portugal Digital Media Collaboration.

The UT-Portugal Digital Media Collaboration is part of CoLab@UTAustin, a 5-year collaboration emphasizing education and research in digital media, advanced computing, mathematics and commercialization of science and technology. CoLab@UTAustin includes professors, researchers and students from across the campus, involving the colleges of Engineering and Communication, the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Radio-Television-Film, Advertising, and the School of Journalism as well as research centers and institutes, such as the IC2 Institute, the Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute, the Austin Technology Incubator, the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).

The near term focus of the Digital Media Program is the development of graduate-level programs in digital media, which will be facilitated through short courses offered by UT faculty at universities in Portugal, working group meetings involving faculty, researchers and students from both UT and collaborating Portuguese universities, and a digital media festival in Portugal, among other projects. The long term goal includes supporting the development of graduate programs (MA, MS, Ph.D.) programs at institutions of higher education in Portugal.

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