Digital Media Internship at Innography

Hi, my name is Nuno Martins and I’m an Intern under the UT Austin|Portugal Digital Media Leadership Program (DMLP). Through these internships, individuals will be placed with companies in Austin. Internships can be an important way for early career professionals to learn more about their areas of interest, gain valuable work experience and further their professional careers. The internship program also includes regular meetings and workshops dedicated to topics relevant to professional development.
I am from Portugal and I work at a company called Viatecla.  With UT Austin|Portugal’s DMLP, we saw the opportunity to expand my knowledge in Digital Media Markets along with the excellent experience of working in a foreign country. After I applied for this program a company in Austin called Innography was interested in the chance to work with me as a User Interface Developer.  In this capacity, I have the chance to work with new emerging technologies, work within my area of interest and gain more experience in these areas.
Innography has an online platform to search for Patents, Trademarks, Companies, litigation associated with patents and on top of this amount of data they provide a business intelligence layer to help users to achieve a better understanding of their search or analysis. I get the opportunity to improve the user experience in their platform along with a very capable team of professionals.

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