Summer Institute Classes Winding Up

We have had a very busy summer so far. The Summer Institute once again conducted classes in Lisbon and Porto for enrolled graduate students, individuals associated with our industrial affiliates, or interested individuals meeting the course qualifications. We offered two-week, intensive courses in the areas of Online Journalism (Rosental Alves), Screenwriting (Richard Lewis), Convergent Hollywood (Bryan Sebok), Technology and Culture (Craig Watkins), and Digital Documentary Production (Nancy Schiesari). This blend of production and theoretical course topics provided people with a broad range of instruction and research opportunities.

The Summer Institute courses in Porto are still ongoing. Subjects have included Online Journalism (Rosental Alves again), Advanced Animation (Geoff Marslett), Collaborative Documentary (Karen Kocher), Film Preservation and Historiography (Caroline Frick), Sound for Picture: Production and Post (Andy Garrison), Screenwriting for New Media (Stuart Kelban), and Creating and Designing Interactive Media (Bruce Pennycook). We anticipate that this training will lead to interesting projects and establish the foundation for some longer and more complex content creation and research investigations.

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