Digital Media Research Projects Underway

Two Digital Media research projects have been funded by FCT for the coming two years, one dealing with the Portuguese population’s experiences with computers and the Internet and another directly developing new DM applications. Dr. Cristina Ponte (UNL) and Dr. Carlos Guedes (INESC-Porto) are Principal Investigators for the respective projects.

Kinetic controller driven adaptive and dynamic music composition systems is a joint research project led by INESC-Porto (Dr. Carlos Guedes, Dr. Fabien Gouyon) with partners UT Austin (Dr. Bruce Pennycook), Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Tomas Henriques), YDreams, and Casa da Música. The outcome of the project will be the creation of a modular toolbox for real-time dynamic music generation that will allow for easy creation of software applications for music, dance, theatre, installation artists, interactive kiosks, computer games, and internet/web information systems.

The applications to be developed are aimed both at highly specialized users striving for standard professional quality in digital media applications and non-specialized users including people with disabilities, children and the elderly for use in sound-based interactive games. The toolbox will be implemented in YDream’s YVision framework for developing interactive installations and it will be freely available through project Digitopia, a platform for the development of digital music communities at Casa da Música.

More information will be coming on Dr. Ponte’s research plans.

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