Additional ZON Prize Winners

The Digital Media Program congratulates additional winners in the ZON Multimedia Creativity Prize. These winners come from a variety of multimedia fields and each of the winners will receive support to study at UT Austin.

In the applications category, the firm Comm Together won first prize for its “Astrolab 0.1” application, a multimedia multi-platform display that allows users to look up information relating to visual representations of spaces and equipment.

The prize in Multimedia Content was split between two first-place winners. Maria Teresa Restivo led a prize-winning team that developed eBook that provides interactive access to measuring concepts, methodologies and techniques for both university students and professionals working in engineering, physics, bio-engineering and other related areas. The prize also went to Luís Madureira Pinto’s website, which is a web portal for aquatic sports, made in Portugal but accessed all over the world.

Congratulations to all of the winners at the ZON Prizes!

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