Great visit!

I recently visited UT and was amazed not only by the facilities of the schools I visited but also by the hospitality and sympathy of everyone I met in Austin. I visited the Radio, Television and Film and Music schools, and had the great pleasure of doing a couple of lectures on both schools and contact with both students and faculty. Simply fabulous! After this visit, it became clear to me that the exchanges between UT and Portugal should be intensified beyond the programs that were created in Digital Media, and that students from both sides will benefit immensely from this opportunity – be it through short-term stays, entire semesters or academic years, taking classes, doing artistic residencies or even internships. Austin is a very friendly and hospitable city, and I keep telling that to my students  to encourage them to benefit from the opportunities given by the program! I also want to thank  (again) Sharon Strover and Bruce Pennycook for being the perfect hosts on this occasion. All the best! Carlos 

About carlosguedes

Portuguese composer, professor and researcher. Interests include interactive dance, digital art, digital sound synthesis and procedural music.
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