Festival Workshop Evaluations Reflect Enthusiasm, Success

Most of the evaluations are in for the Future Places Festival workshops Interface Design for Mobile Devices and Introduction to Arduino, and so far they show a unanimously positive response from workshop participants.
People taking part in the workshops were asked to fill out brief forms which included questions about how the sessions met the participants’ expectations, the relevance of the workshops to participants’ career development, and what characteristics of the workshops were most valuable and least valuable. In every case, the workshops were reported to fulfill participants’ expectations, and respondents were enthusiastic in describing how the topics covered were pertinent to their academic and professional development. Two of the most valuable elements of the workshops, according to the participants, were the opportunity to work closely with experts and the chance to network with people of similar interests and professional backgrounds. Criticism of the workshops was limited almost exclusively to concerns about the workshop sessions’ length; the majority of the workshops’ activities took place over a two-day period, and some participants wished they could last longer.
I am really pleased to see how satisfied participants were with their workshop experiences, and I’m hopeful that this initial response predicts future successes in digital media-related workshops.

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