We made it!

Hey everyone!

What a nice surprise reading so many enthusiastic posts.

It was an honour receiving the UT students in our hometown, as well as the great works they produced, which contributed for the quality of the screenings.
The success of UFRAME wouldn’t have been possible without their participation!
We close this first edition with a feeling of accomplished work and we are very happy with the results and feedback we got. We must thank UT for making possible the coming of the University film directors, as well as Professor Andrew Shea, who lectured the most attended conference of the festival’s program!

We congratulate all the students that participated in the festival and we must leave our special thanks to all the volunteers, students of U.Porto, without whom the realization of UFRAME would have been totally impossible. They were really extraordinary. As Sergio said the human factor clearly came out to be the strongest characteristic of UFRAME. Since the beginning we wanted to make a festival with people and for the people, we think we made it.

Thanks again to UT and hope to meet you all soon!

The U’Frame Team

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