Well-Managed First Yr Promises a Good Future for UFRAME

My experience this year as a filmmaker at UFRAME was AWESOME! For a first year film festival the staff and volunteers at UFRAME really seemed to know what they were doing, and created a great overall environment for their participants and audiences. As a student it was interesting to have both the worldly experience of being in a foreign city, but also of the international films featured in the film festival. It was interesting to see the variation in both production styles and types of stories present within the films. For me it was valuable to gain an idea about which kinds of films extend outside of the filmmaker’s own geographical community and can also be appreciated by wider, international audiences. I would like to thank both the University of Texas and the University of Porto for making my participation in the festival possible and the Porto staff and volunteers for making my experience particularly enjoyable. I look forward to following the UFRAME festival for future updates.

-Keeley S

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