Back from Portugal

Just back from Portugal and 16 hours of sleep. Oporto rocks all day and all night. It was tough to keep up. I don’t know how those who had to be in school today did it.

But it was a blast.

As we were a particularly large group (both of the Ryans, Molly, Keith, Nazanin, and I), a few of our guides picked us up when we arrived in Oporto to take us to our dorms. They set us up nicely with a private room each. Afterwards, we met up with Sergio, Ruwan, and Keeley and grabbed some lunch. Then we received our festival packages and went straight over to the opening session. A few glasses of port wine later I was meeting many of our generous hosts and having a great time. As an intermission between this and the opening party, our hosts took us out for some beers and dinner, where I tried francesinha for the first time. Deciding, however, that we were too tired after our 24 hour travels and a packed schedule upon arrival, Molly, Ryan K, and I decided we needed to sleep. Ricardo, one of the guide with whom we were later to become good friends, hailed us a cab.

This first night was a great precursor for what was to come: extreme generosity from our hosts and guides, many activities packed into each day, and much port wine.

We went to Andrew Shea’s masterclass, partied at a karaoke bar, saw some great short films, explored Oporto, cruised the river, visited a museum, had a picnic on the beach, and tried McDonalds in Portugal (it was the same).

Everyone involved with U.frame was extremely generous, friendly and fun, taking it above and beyond to make us feel at home. Our guides Carla, Nuno, Ricardo, and Andre became great friends. I want to go back. Soon.

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