Wrap up on the Lisbon workshops

Our four weeks of workshops are now over: UT faculty are back in Austin, faculty colleagues in Portugal are breathing a well-earned sigh of relief, and all agree that the Summer Institute was a success. Four public lectures, one week-long cinema series at the Cinemateca, and six intensive workshops (most of them two weeks in duration) comprised the program. Every workshop was filled, and the film series on “Technology and Innovation in Film” curated by Professor Tom Schatz reached a large and varied audience. There were many more applicants for the workshops than we could accommodate – a good sign of interest in digital media throughout the region. The program included:

Richard Lewis teaching collaborative screenwriting
Karen Kocher teaching digital documentary
Bryan Sebok teaching Convergent Hollywood
Bruce Pennycook teaching Sound Design for Video Games and Film
Rosental Alves teaching Online Journalism
Arie Stavchansky teaching Photorealistic 3D Graphics Rendering

(As well, Arie had just finished up a semester-long Rich Web Design class in Porto, where Stuart Kelban was also teaching Screenwriting. The U of Porto summer courses end with Gary Chapman’s seminar next week on the Internet and Organizations.)

The Institute condensed a number of related media fields into a series of very intensive experiences and projects, stimulating new ideas for teaching both in Portugal and in Austin. We hope to air the great work growing out of the workshops at the Digital Media Festival in October, and also will arrange a screening/installation in Lisbon soon.

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