Offf Lisbon 2008

The atmosphere at Offf Lisbon 2008 was as fun as ever, with designers and artists from around the world converging at LX Factory—a beautiful 19th century industrial space—to celebrate digital design and inspire each other to push it a bit further everyday.

There was something for everyone, with presentations covering typography, motion design, web design, generative art, data visualization, installation, advertising, print, performance, illustration, film, and animation. Eternal rebels Fakepilot and Joshua Davis managed again to draw laughter tears out of the crowd with their edgy and ironic takes on design, inspiration and business. Other highlights include All of Us’ fun interactive spaces and objects; Fallon’s greatest hits that somehow never get old; Random International’s PixelRoller (a paint roller that paints pixels!); and Devoid of Yesterday’s beautiful cinematic stories.

This edition of Offf just left me wishing for a wider and, well, less corporate, art exhibit (maybe next year?). It was also unsettling to see TMN (major cell phone service provider) take over the festival’s image to a point where it was impossible to distinguish between Offf’s identity and the corporate advertising messages: “A wi-fi! A wi-fi! My kingdom for a wi-fi!”?

Anyway, it was fun and interesting and inspiring, and I hope to see you all at Offf Lisbon 2009.

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