Upcoming summer workshops in Lisbon

We’re getting ready to inaugurate a new, month-long program of several workshops with the New University of Lisbon. Several UT faculty members are gearing up to teach a variety of film, journalism and TV-related classes including screenwriting; digital documentary; online journalism; music for film, video and games; digital Hollywood; and advanced graphics rendering and simulation. All this will be highlighted by a Cinematheque-based film series focusing on innovation and technology in film (from King Kong to 2001, a Space Odyssey), curated by Professor Tom Schatz. Professor Schatz will deliver two public lectures around the series’ theme of technology. All together, the month should be the scene of an interesting set of exchanges that, we hope, will prompt some new ideas and new projects among all of the participants. We plan to use moodle for course support (this worked well last year with Karen Kocher’s documentary and Geoff Marslett’s animation workshops in Portugal), and look forward to seeing what sort of “digital media” community will emerge from the experience. The “official” descriptions, etc., can be seen at http://www.utaustinportugal.org/Events.aspx?event=167.

Summer Institute in Digital Media, Lisbon

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