Rosental Alves on Online Journalism

Rosental Alves, professor at the School of Journalism at the College of Communication and lead faculty in the area of online journalism – not only at UT but arguably in the world – was in Portugal in February to speak for journalists and scholars in Lisbon and Porto in the context of the UT-Portugal partnership.

Rosental Alves is the founder of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at UT and the man behind the International Symposium on Online Journalism , a key event in the field.

Expresso Multimedia (the multimedia section of Expresso, a Portuguese newspaper), which regularly posts in YouTube has this segment on Alves’ recent visit (in Portuguese, of course:)):

Next my free translation of some of Alves’ ideas though there is no way to represent the passion he puts in his words. For that you’ll need to watch the video (and understanding Portuguese will help!)

If online journalism means cannibalization, which is something many journalists fear, then it’s better to have a self-cannibalization than a cannibalization that comes from outside (referring to the increasing presence of online journalism as the ‘cannibal’ that is incorporating others forms of journalism).

It is not that online journalism will replace paper journalism. It is not an issue of one thing *or* the other but rather of one thing *and* the other.

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